Simple Plan

Waking up at 530 again today , I went back to sleep instead of going to work as I had expected to be doing. My plan was a simple one. Go to the doctors office and get my work note and then go to fat camp .

My doctor did not have my note, instead he had a copy of an old sick excuse note. So today I will have to go back and ask for the correct note before I can go to work.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

It’s not like I really want to go to work. In fact I am dreading it a bit. But it seems like a good plan, and hopefully it will happen soon.

So breakfast was a simple affair. Some Frambled eggs and toast with peanut butter. Nothing fancy.

Fat Camp 2.0

Going Kaiser Healthy Weight class was intresting. Some of the same people from last class were back again.

Much like the last class it seemed like half the questions were answered by people who did not understand the original question.

Many of the people seemed more argumentative, as well. When I asked if we could get the forms from the book online? One of the new people in the class answered just get a xerox . And she commented something to her classmate, about “They don’t do anything that’s not on a phone.”

Which I thought was funny,since the reason why I wanted the form online was to be able to type it out on a computer.

All in all it was a good first class.

Walmart safari

I laugh when I read on someone’s Facebook page that one of there likes is “Walmart”. It makes me wonder what the person is saying.

Do they actually like being in Walmart? Is it that there is a place to shop ? What actually is the appeal.

For me I like having a place to shop in the small town where I live. More than that what I like about Walmart is the sort of safari of weird. For example Birthday cake oatmeal.

Lunch Time

Sitting outside on the patio in the sun for lunch was a great idea. Not sure if my mood was improved by my clever use of mustard and honey on chicken. Or if it was my coffee.maybe it was my roxette play list on my iPod.

Sitting under the sun dappled shadows formed by the trellises. The coffee was iced and the chicken tangy and sweet. Lunch was not large but well made. Trading size for quality.

I ate my lunch slowly and just listened to the music for a while.

I noticed I was not the only one to be excited by my lunch.

Eggs Benedict Arnold

Waking up today at the new time for going to work, I was faced with a choice . Either get up and do stuff or hide in my bed.

Quite a bit later the call of breakfast could no longer be ignored.

Starting to work on my prep I noticed a few strands of black hair on the counter. And then more on the stove, and in the drying rack. There were also various substances on the counters. Today was just not the day to be cleaning up after Devon.

So a simple plate of scrambled eggs and as few minutes later as I can manage it was time to flee.

Today I have a simple agenda.

Step one .

Do laundry.

Step two

Drink coffee

Step three

Go to fat camp class .

Step four


Going to prison blues

I thought that pain and truth were things that really mattered

But you can’t stay here with every single hope you had shattered

I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert

But I can live and breathe

And see the sun in wintertime

Big Country

It says something about my life that my not being able to go to prison today sucks.

Now I only work at a prison, so that is quite a lot different then actually serving time.

Vast night I was not exactly wrestling with my Desmond, as it were. Last night was more like I was stuck at a house party , and my demons would not leave and instead kept trying to corner me and talk about this really cool screen play they had written. While they get considerably more and more drunk as the party goes on.

Paranoia is not something that happens to me much. When I do succumb to the temptation to give into these dark thoughts they tend to be in strange and off putting ways. Like the other day I was getting out of the shower. When I looked over at my bathroom scale. And the digital display light up for a second and words and symbols s roiled across the screen disputed the fact that nothing was being place on it. In my mind it meant to Hat my bad digital karma had caught up to me with me and eldritch horror had connected from whatever realm it was stuck in , and was trying to breach itself into my reality by talking to my scale.

I did not think about this for more than a second, before I dismissed this notion. But for a second or so it seemed like maybe something could be happening.

That is the most tiring part of my job.Unlike the couple of seconds it took to realize that the only horror that would be happening in my bathroom would be of the normal sort instead of something H.P.Lovecraft inspired. My work names me feel like something is going on .

Trying to decide if my management is actively seeking my doom, or if they are just incompetent and are just treating everyone badly, takes a considerable amount energy.

It’s like when you are in a relationship with someone , and you have decided to “let them have it” maybe you have not se used to “Dump” them , but you have a laundry list of what the problems are and how they are the other persons fault, and you have a few suggestions about what they should be doing about it.

So you get a few sentences into what is shaping up to be an epic triad. In you mind you intended “student” might have had some kind of response, to getting schooled.

But instead of realizing your moral high ground, and starting on the lengthy list of how they were going to make it up to you, instead they had the temerity to actually have something else to say on the topic.

So maybe you let them speak with grace, or maybe you are reaentful but either way once they start talking suddenly you’re not so certain of everything you were going to say before. Some of the points to bring up even make it seem like well maybe some of the things are maybe fault. Maybe you’re the one who’s been screwing up. Suddenly you went from feeling confident that you were going to The one giving them the business, to getting the feeling like maybe it’s time to start sharpening your pencil because school is in session and you’ve got some homework to do.

That could be a bad feeling and it could be inconvenient but what are you about someone you’re in a relationship with you know there’s going to be give-and-take. But when it’s a job. When you’re talking about not knowing whether your supervisors or actually concerned with your work performance or maybe it’s just you they don’t like let alone some other more sinister thing, well that can just be tiring.

Which is where I find myself.


Prime Time Drive Time

Waking up early go to work for the first time in months, was a very strange. I spent the whole ride to work second guessing the secession to go back to work, and really not being happy about the prospects.

Something about the idea of getting up before noon for the first time in months after either staying up all night binge watching Netflix, or painstaking replaying save games every time someone gets infected in Dead State, sounded a bit hard . So I prepped the night before.

So I was perfectly prepared to go to prison today, but apparently there is paperwork I need to fill out first.

So I drove all that way to Work in turmoil, and it turn out it was for nothing.

I stop at the Sacramento national cemetery once in a while,The timing was good for an early sunrise.I thought that the sun in the back ground of the cemetery would be the high point.

The country road with the field next to it and the fog hanging low in the trees turned out to be much better.

Then there was the “Trees of Doom”.

I would have gone for a walk in the mist and all, but I have seen a horror movie, so I decided not to .

I mean come on that place was just crying out for old man Jenkins, to come out wearing a mask, and being kissed off about those darn kids.

And then there was the lonely road, just the bit of fog being burned away.

My trip was not a waste,

This road was worth the trip.