Waste of money

one of my roomates bought a new iPod mini today and. Ow he want to sell his d one for cash
The third Roomate is moving to Arizona at the end next of August so my electric bill will increase by a third
But on the plus side if I got it I could finnally do it he cool half tone photos as comic strips in my blog It’s a tough call
Something to think about

Less than auto focus problems.


My phone does something that I find really odd and funny and the slightest bit weird.
When I go to photography most people it puts a little box around the face part of the person.
Well I should say most people.
With James however, let’s just say it tends to lock on the two parts of her body that are closest.
I would firgure with James losing more than 100 lbs this would not be as much of a problem.
That is where I would be wrong…