28 June, 2017 23:05

last night I decided to take advantage of the summer night, the cool breezes and the no longer stifling heat of the last few days to go and take some photos. The late summer every had some great light made you seemed to set

The late summer
Okay, now I am using a keyboard

Long story short.
There were dozens of dragon flys and I forgot my memory card. I feel like my bad digital karma today sucks
When I get a chance I may correct this with Spell Check
Of course, since my internet be out, maybe not

Sent from my iPod with no internet.

New phone on the way.

IMG_20170623_100852The new sim card my current cell phone carrier sent me .today  does not allow my phone to call out if I am in the house.

and it often has a twenty-minute delay for texts.

Which is weird, since it used the  Sprint, T-Mobile networks as well as wifi. However, that seems to be in theory.

How I can get an error message that says no carrier, when I am on both networks, as well as using my freaking wifi.

But no.

So I went with the virgin mobile deal.

I hope the new camera, and other coolness is worth it.

My iPod touch does better than my phone on wifi.


Camera issues

My fat fingers aside I gotta say I am more than happy with the camera in my iPod. And if the SE has a better camera ? Then wow!

Which is to say the more I use my old iPod the more the smaller screen seems to bother me less.

Maybe if I did more stuff with my phone, but since I just seem to blog about food and things that are not moving fast. And twice the storage as well.