Up early


Woke up a little early today So I put some extra time in on breakfast.

Today is going to have something cool happening today.

Not sure what that will be, drinking my morning coffee with A copy of Trigger Mortis I will be going to look for it soon.



The other day…


Every time I travel from the new town I live in now, to my old stomping grounds in Vacaville, I see this boarded up house. Each time I drive by I find myself thinking about going to photograph the place.It has a bunch of no trespassing signs, and seem rather well boarded up.

That is until today when I noticed that it seems to have been almost burned down.

I would have loved to go exploring it with my camera, but I not only had just my smartphone as a camera, but I also had a weeks worth of frozen food in my car slowly defrosting.

I don’t have any kind of thing about fire, or anything. What I like about the place are the textures that the fire created.

So I wandered around for a bit, and I would have gone down into the basement Because despite what happens in horror movies, Basements and bathrooms are always the best parts of abandoned places.

Well, that and when you find an old child’s doll and it starts weeping blood or something, But you can’t count on that happening every time.

The next day On my way to Vacaville for something I noticed that the fences were back up and the whole house was now just a pile of boards. The whole place had been demolished.







Strange Omen




The other day I noticed this tire in a parking lot.

I briefly wondered what this sort of thing means?

Was it some kind of totem?

maybe an offering to strange gods?


If only this tire could talk.



Memorial day.

My thoughts on this memorial day are as follows.IMG_20170528_172951

I used to know a guy who was a major conspiracy nut.

He thought all sorts of things, some of which made me laugh out loud.

From his belief that it the Nazi powers during world war two killed all those Jews, not because they hated them or blamed them or anything like what we were all taught in history class, That all the anti-semitic propaganda was to cover up, that the captive Jin they had enslaved, Had demanded all that death in exchange for his power.

or that the Beatles were robots made by the son of Tesla, at the suggestion of the Queen.

Who thought that if the world loved the music, that it would mean that the “The sun would never truly set on the British Empire”

When he told me this I asked him about the Spice Girls. He just looked at me blankly. I was hoping he would say they were Aliens or Time traveling monsters, But he just said they were cute and they used a sort of Jungian Archetype, To short circuit the part of the brain that makes judgments, in instead of thinking ” Wow these girls suck.” there is a part of the brain who is still every lonely kid who grew up watching Scoby do on Saturdays, and Thinks Josie and the pussy cats are cool.


I would have been happier if he had just said they were robots.


He had loads of crazy ideas, some of them were clearly insane, But He told me once over bears and Thai food that there was a secret war being fought for the future of mankind between factions who on one spectrum wanted to Ridgely control our future.Think industrial military complex, CCTV cameras, everywhere and pop stars who are puppets, told what to sing and say, and do. All to keep the Citizens from noticing it’s not just the Christens being fed to the Loins.

And another side the dreamers and the singers of songs. The artists who don’t just paint pretty pictures, But change your very view of the world. Who lift you up and unify us in ways we might not even notice. Poets of the prose, Warriors of the words Who take teenaged angst and turn it into a catchy pop song, that is both danceable and Neuro-linguistic programming that forms the soundtracks of our dreams reminding us that we can be free.

Who take teenaged angst and turn it into a catchy pop song, that is both danceable and Neuro-linguistic programming that forms the soundtracks of our dreams reminding us that we can be free.

It sounds crazy, But I like the idea

better than the simpler truth

that Artists and sages, Struggle with the same

demons of Depression and sadness.

That their talent does not inoculate

them against the harsher realities of this world, even if they can paint a better one for the rest of us.

Sometimes the Good Guys lose.




Thinking that I had quite a lot of stuff that would go in a really good omelet, I got as far as breaking the eggs and oiling the pan, before I realized I had nothing to add to the eggs, Just a bit of ham.

The only thing I could find was a package of Cauliflower and cubed yams, With a bit of garlic and some pepper, It made a good swap out of hash browns.

So I made a quick bit of scrambled eggs with the ham, It was a very different sort of dinner, but it thinks I will be doing it again soon.