Not to far from my house

The church I worked at is about three miles from my house.There are cops, and people all around the sides of the street.

By the edge of the church parking lot is a drainage ditch and kind of a creak.

Which currently has a sea lion in it.he appears to not be in any danger, he is just hanging out.enjoyonh the attention.

This just makes me laugh.

Suprise suprise

Considering how much I sleep and how often my friends and family have made fun of me for different sleeping things.

Falling asleep almost instantly, sleeping in the car on long trips.Sleeping in the car on short trips. Sleeping Thu movies, thunderstorms and if my mother is to be believed a visit from Santa Clause.
It comes as a shock that the sleep study device did not get enough data to be useful.
All I can think of is that maybe having the watch that looks like a sci-fi weapon from a bad 80s movie strapped to my wrist made it harder to sleep then usual.

I often have trouble sleeping with new things involved, I think I tend to quickly adapt but still.
So I will have to go to Kaiser again and re take it. Maybe I can study for the test this time.