It’s been forever

Everybody talks about some fateful day
And I guess that this was mine

Mar Cohen Ghost train.

It had been more than a year since I talked to James last when I ended up in the hospital.So that puts us well past the two-year mark.Since i have been out almost a year now.
Having no idea why she stopped being my friend bothers me a little. But it is bothering me less as time goes by.
Realizing that I cared for her more than she cared for me was a bitter pill at first.
There is something about knowing her past, and how often she had been treated badly herself, that her lack of concern for me Is particularly, makes it hard.

I would like to know why she stopped, but let’s be honest.
Whatever she says is going to suck.
No matter the answer, no matter what her reasons.
What would I say, or do?
How is knowing that she did not value me enough to keep being my friend, possibly going to help?
Or worse what if she has a bunch of stupid reasons or the all-time favorite of people who don’t know what they want out of life, then it’s the  not me it’s you speech?

How would that help me?

There is a positive side to her blocking me, on Facebook .
I can feel free to tell any story fro my time with her, and not worry that she is going to read it and not like it.

Our adventures had lots of common features,
One of them was her eclectic music tastes, forming the soundtrack to our time together.
She is responsible for almost all of my newer music tastes.
London grammar would be right up her alley.
I could easily see us driving places listen to there newest cd
So yeah I don’t know how long it will take before I don’t wonder anymore.
But I Imigine it will be quite a while before I stop thinking about stuff she would like.

So yeah, there might be some stories to tell.

But like the man sings.

I may be here to tell some kind of story
But I think it’s gonna take a little time
(That’s all right)

Enemy of the perfect.

The local Chinese food place here in dixion is average at best.
And the service is lackluster.
However it is close to my house,which means that I don’t have to drive to Vacaville, or in the other direction Davis.
They do have good prices and server Vietnam style iced coffee.
The ice coffee is odd, they also serve Thai tea.
Which I have yet to try .

So I go there, when I am not feeling like driving.
There are days when making the trip is worth it for me, just like every so often driving to Davis for coffee.
I don’t often expect to much from them.
So imagine my surprise when I decided to get wor won ton soup while I was sick and it was great.

Not only was it made quickly, but it was chock full of veggies.the broth was flavorful, and there were a bunch of meaty won tons.
All in all it was a very cool surprise.

If you don’t have something nice to say…

Today’s thrill installment of the show that is my life is entitled.

What in the name of all that is Holy is that smell?

it seems My pot smoking Roomate is not often the subject of my blog as he is just more than a little sad.most of the story’s that invoke him seem to mix equal parts stupid and him being stoned.

The smell of the chicken was beyond horrible, and I am still quite a bit stuffed up from being sick.

So finding the chicken was the first step, the second step involved gloves and an outside trash can.

So I can actually say how long the. Hockey has been there thanks to the sell by date printed on the package.

I don’t understand how he can think leaving the chicken to be-foul the whole fridge is okay.

But then it has been made clear that he is more or less an idiot.

The other day after work while I was chilling in the living room. Devon of the traveling pants came home, slammed the door and walked upstairs where he shouted fuck a couple of times.

A few minutes later both Roomate’s were in the downstairs area. One was hanging with me in the living room, and the other was eating in the kitchen.

When devon came downstairs he made some kind of Hurmph noise which is supposed to prompt us to ask him whatever is wrong in his world that he is bothered by.

No one asked.

He then went into the kitchen a rummaged around in the fridge, several more noises.

Then he drank some water in a glass that he actually rinsed out and put in. The drying rack. Also to the acomonpanyment of a couple more noises.

When he finally gave up and left.

Both roommates told me about how someone most likely him had broken a bottle in the driveway and not cleaned it up.

And how someone had woken them both up by doing laundry at like 3 am.

( I knew about this last part as i had left my work shirts hanging in the laundry room, and when I got one for that day, I. Noticed the drier was on and that the alarm button was in the in I opened the door and turned off the buzzer.)

So when devon came downstairs I asked him if it was him if he had noticed the broken glass?

His response was to storm back into the living room and shout.

Yeah I fucking noticed it, I almost got a flat tire from that crap.its a good thing I did not get a flat tire, or there would be hell to pay.

He then just stared at me, mostly I think because the other Roomate’s avoided his gaze.

He stared at me for a bit and I said.

Yeah lucky. It sucks when people are selfish and inconsiderate of the others.

He then stormed out.

I said it completely dead pan.

As soon as the door slammed, both Roomate’s burst out laughing.

They laughed hard in that way that people only do when they are laughing at someone who does not realize they are being made fun of.

It was a good moment, and it made us feel better about how bothersome his is to live with.

Shut up tad….or I am gonna call you warren.

Yesterday I had a brief chat with tad. He called with the express intention of letting me know he had uploaded a ton of new videos, and I should comment on them.

Seeing as I had taken the last few days of the week off sick, it would seem like either a great time or a lousy time to spend time with tads blog.

I told tad that I revived notifications of his videos and did not have much to say about them.

There is not much going on in the random here is something I saw department, as far as I can say. There are a lot of videos on YouTube where I could see random stuff I don’t really. Care much about.

He response was he felt the same way about my stuff and comments anyway. I blog about my breakfast, and about my Roomate’s being stupid a lot.
But he comments on everything I post, he responded with.

Well I do often like to post about my breakfast, it’s a way to get a post done at the beginning of my day. Sometimes I do a voice post as I do my daily commute.

I was highly tempted to point out to tad that most of his comments, are off topic. Or very often seem like they are disposable throw away quips.
Rarely does a comment go beyond "liked that". Most of the comments don’t include much if anything to promote discussion.
That’s on the higher/ good scale.
The lower scale of comments are often just something like his comment on a post I made about a poem I got as a response from a girl.
While I agree that
Roses are grey,
And violets are to
My life is pale
Without you . Is not high art.
The point was she sent it to me for a reason.
That was the story.

Often the point of my blog posts is a story, weigh it’s something I saw or something someone said.
Or a funny sign.

quite a few times Tad’s comments have been, the sort of thing that would be done by a critical person with a red pencil.

It gets old.

When I review Tad’s blog I try and find ways to make it better. And to offer hints and suggestions that are helpful.
Rarely do I just say things about its faults. I have tried to address its faults in the past, and almost everyone time tad had a long answer that can be converted into a much shorter one.

Tad does what tad wants, and tad does not want to spend any more effort then is the bare minimum.

Meanwhile he feels perfectly justified in in criticizing whatever it is that I’ve done often spelling errors or lack of punctuation or format changes that he thinks should be done are the only thing that gets put down. This is not my favorite thing.
Every time it seem like I’m trying to just a tad that day there’s something you could do to make your blog look better or something you could do to make a more polished or add something else is that I don’t know it’s Goodnuf for me and yet he has no problem whatever it is that I am riding or dealing in those criticisms learned what I would consider on that same level .
Most of tired videos have a photo on them that has absolutely nothing to do with the story doesn’t mean anything it’s just some random photo how many of the photos are pretty pretty mediocre at best son of them are downright horrible and yet I’ve sent tagged photos that I’ve taken in the past and I was even suggested that he take the time to just take some selfie’s out and about in places with adequate lighting with cool backgrounds with whatever and that he use those for the videos but he doesn’t really feel like that’s something he wants to do so if I was playing by what I would consider a tad rules that means that anytime he makes video and it’s got a crappy photo online I can just stop the video and say hey Todd I I try to watch the video but it was just horrible on the photo stupid I didn’t catch it catch my interest and I couldn’t listen to the whole thing just staring at a random picture of dirt on the sidewalk .

Which is really how I feel when he writes something about how my punctuation made it impossible for him to read I think really what he’s just saying there is your lack of punctuation means that it’s not worth it to me to read what you’ve written it would take too much effort and to me that’s pretty offensive that there are many times when his audio is very poor and there are other times when the content is just delivered in a monotone voice with no inflection and it’s almost painful to list and yet I still try to look at the content and not the delivery don’t give me wrong.
don’t get me wrong I do think that The details are important.
More later maybe.

And on the topic of food.
My breafest was nearly ruined by my game of mystery smell.

Tail end of the sick

I am now in the he tail end of being sick.three days of phleph, coughing and no small amount of head and sinus pain , later things are improving.
Still stuffed up and worn out, I took the day off of work.

Since I had plenty of time quinoa seemed like a good idea.most times making breakfast happens when I am hungry. And often sleepy.
But today adding butter, garlic and some spicy peepers, to quinoa. Ended up with a spicy and healthy side dish. With some eggs and some refried beans, the meal was complete.

Spicy sickness

Today for breakfast, my scrambled eggs were three kinds of hot.
Being sick, and full of phlegm spicy food is the best.
Three different kinds of hot sausce, made it hot in almost every type of way.

Free food

My birthday started with free food from chick filla. Unlike some of my other free food items, it has nothing to do with my birthday.

I don’t typically think of chicken as a breakfast food. It sure why it is just something I don’t do often.
However the chicken, egg and cheese bagel was not bad.

It also was free.
Work was dumb today, and I am either getting sick or I have allergies. Either way I feel a little blah.

I had thought of going to Benicia to see the sunset, over the bay .
But I just lacked energy.